How do I Know if Flourish is Right for me?

  1. Our members consider themselves lifelong learners and open to change.
  2. Many of our members are currently in, or have been in an EO, YPO or Vistage group.
  3. Many of our members rely on Scaling Up or EOS frameworks to run their businesses.
  4. Our members are incredibly busy. Meetings start on time and end on time or early.
  5. Our members are seeking tightly run and managed.
  6. Most members use Flourish as a growth advisory board for business growth, some also use it as a way to grow personally as leaders.
  7. We meet remotely 9 times a year and in person 1 time. This makes attending meetings convenient for executives who need to be in two places at once.
  8. Flourish is a way for members to have a strategic advisor, advisory board and coach all in the same place.
  9. We strive for diversity of thinking.. This is NOT the group for you if you are seeking to be surrounded by expertise specific to your industry.