About Flourish Advisory Boards

Are you in charge of a P&L or company? Do you wish you had a true group of peers who saw your challenges differently? Do you believe that diversity of thinking is the key to a more successful company and overcoming blind spots?

Flourish Advisory Boards are engineered to create the diversity of thinking, experience and expertise transformational business leaders require to respond to their rapidly changing industries. 

Your turnkey advisory board ensures you achieve personal and business growth through:

Show up with your biggest challenge and leave with six different perspectives on how to view and tackle your issue.

Flourish Advisory Boards are monthly, virtual meetings. The sessions are moderated by an expert in design thinking, innovation methodologies, strategy building and facilitation. Additionally, each advisory board includes an executive coach who pushes and challenges the group to consider different lines of thinking.

Engineered for diversity of thinking, each advisory board contains roughly 10 members. The forum has seats for 1-2 strategists, rainmakers, visionaries, operators, orchestrators and technology futurists. So, while most forums promise a peer-to-peer experience, Flourish Advisory Boards are engineered to deliver 6 different types of critical thinkers.

Flourish Advisory Boards is a prudent investment for leaders seeking wisdom from other proven leaders with different types of expertise. Research shows that higher profits correlate to executive team diversity; the more diverse the executive team, the more profitable the company.*

It is helpful––but not a prerequisite––to have had organized peer group experience. Most of our members have been involved with Vistage, Young President’s Organization, Strategic Coach, COO Alliance, EOS, Gazelles Growth Institute or Entrepreneurs’ Organization. They value peer-to-peer learning but are seeking a diverse forum, engineered and curated to help deliver a wide range of critical thinking.

If you want to see if you qualify for Flourish Advisory Board membership or to learn more, call (630) 563-6415

“Companies with the most ethnically/culturally diverse boards worldwide are 43% more likely to experience higher profits.”
McKinsey & Company

About You

CEOs and P&L leaders are expected to be able to create and operationalize innovative and proven strategies at the same time. But ironically, the expertise of our executive teams is exactly what blinds us from emerging opportunities and new ideas. The more successful we are, the more likely it is that we have become trapped by our own expertise.

Where do you go for new ideas when you are supposed to be the expert in the room? Who do you turn to when you feel stuck or your proven strategies are no longer working? How do you deal with industry “best practices” that seem tired and ineffective?

Imagine having your own growth advisory board of C-Level peers, engineered and orchestrated to provide the essential diversity of thinking, experience and ideas necessary to help you grow personally and professionally.

Each Flourish Advisory Board is engineered to include the six types of leadership skills required for balanced disruption and reliable growth.

If you are qualified for admission into a Flourish Advisory Board, it means three things:

  1. You are a curious, growth-minded P&L owner

  2. There is a seat available that matches your unique leadership skill

  3. You are looking for a group that will expertly challenge your unconscious biases

The idea of Flourish Forums was born from this tenet: diversity of thought creates better solutions. Flourish Forums are engineered to create a specific balance of expertise which allows P&L leaders to create and test breakthrough strategies that are as balanced as they are disruptive.